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Executive Summary

We believe an agent refined is an agent focused on the thing they do best. Your time as an agent shouldn't be wasted on researching the latest insurance marketing trend, much less putting together a new letterhead for your company.

Trust Agent Refined to relieve you of some of those "coats" you're forced to wear that just weigh you down and make you sweaty! Unburden yourself by letting us make your brand, website, and marketing work for you!

Meet The Team

Christian Moore founded REAL Insurance Agency in 2018, and dubbed himself "chief coffee maker." Just as Christian makes himself a servant to his staff and business partners, REAL Insurance is the first and only insurance agency in Central Kentucky designed to give back to the community. With a portion of all revenue going back into the community, Christian invites clients to partner with him for a better city.

Matt Oatley is an experienced designer, developer, and entrepreneur. Matt is happiest when meeting a friend for coffee spontaneously morphs into a new idea for a business. He always knows the best available product or service on the market, whether pen, table saw, software, camera, or server. Self-employed since launching a creative agency in 2001, Matt also owns Upkeep, a highly praised app-driven lawn care service, and has created a SaaS product for beginner guitar players called First Frets.

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

George Bernard Shaw

Communication Agreement

Once you agree to have Agent Refined lead your digital makeover, we get to work! Immediately! In return, we will need you to keep the channels of communication open. We may have content requests that only you can supply. Closer to launch, you will need to give crucial feedback. Our collective responsiveness will play a huge role in this project's success.

Brand Refined

$4500 $3000

Your brand communicates your story. We will help you craft your story in a way that will inspire potential clients to action and your community to fanaticism.

  • Your Responsibility
    • Answer our Questionnaire

  • Our Responsibility
    • Brand Research
      • Evaluate existing identity
      • Discuss trajectory for new brand
    • Audience Analysis
      • Demographics and psychographics
      • Implications for design
    • Landscape Analysis
      • Industry landscape
      • Competitive set
      • Brand opportunities
    • star Deliverables
      • Logo file (in various formats)
      • Message creation
      • Branding style guide
      • Social media graphics

Print Refined

$1500 $1000

You're getting a best-in-class branding makeover... you might as well shout it from the rooftops! It's always best to stamp your new brand on everything client-facing. We propose you start with business cards, letterheads, and envelopes.

  • Your Responsibility
    • Number of employees receiving unique print materials
    • Contact information for each employee's business card
    • Contact information for letterhead and envelope

  • Our Responsibility
    • star Deliverables
      • Files
        • Business card design files
        • Letterhead design files
        • Envelope design files

      • Short Print Run
        • 200 Business cards
        • 200 Letterheads
        • 200 Envelopes

      • Up to 30% off reprints

Branding Refined + Print Refined

Includes everything listed above


2 weeks

Brand Refined (w/o Print Refined)

Includes everything listed above except items under Print Refined


1 week

Website Refined

In addition to providing an attractive, fully-featured website, we'll give you web tools so you'll capture every lead. Watch visitors become conversions and conversions become referrals.

  • Features
    • Custom Development
      • Your website's development is overseen by a trendsetting insurance agent to make sure it matches an agent's dream website.
    • Mobile Responsive
      • Your website will be built from a mobile-first perspective. Its layout will respond dynamically to your visitor's device and screen resolution.
    • Live Chat * Optional Add-on *
      • Chat with visitors or deliver AI-driven messages that capture and qualify leads.
    • Lead Forms
      • Don't make your visitors fill out boring forms. Have a conversation with them instead!
    • Search Engine Optimized
      • Right out of the box, all of the content on your site is optimized for Google Search. With our maintenance plan, we'll make optimizations regularly.
    • Social Proof * Optional Add-on *
      • Increase conversions on your website with proven psychological triggers.
    • Push Notifications
      • Never miss an opporutnity. Lead notifications are sent right to your phone.
    • Dedicated Hosting * Required Add-on *
      • An exclusive web server is set up specifically for your website. We do not put you on a server with other agents, forcing you to share resources.
    • SSL + Extra Security
      • SSL encryption keeps any form data submitted through your site safe and we run malware, virus, and spam protection software on our server.
    • Google Analytics
      • Installing analytics is common practice. But we go a step further and help you understand it!
    • Facebook Pixel
      • We install the Facebook pixel on your site to track visitor information and target them later with follow-up advertising.
    • Sharing Features
      • We install software to make your site shareable everywhere!

  • Access To Agent Tools Beta
    • Video Quotes (beta starts Summer 2020)
      • Leverage screencasting software to make your quoting a customer-first experience. Statistics show a 95% close rate using video quotes!
    • Policy Comparison (beta starts Fall 2020)
      • Create a unique page for your potential client that compares their old coverages with your new coverage offering.
    • Agent Insights (beta starts Fall 2020)
      • Your Google Analytics displayed beautifully on your Dashboard - all of the stuff you need, none of the stuff you don't.
    • Recruiting Tools (beta tba)
      • Communicate your inspiring culture with a suite of tools engineered for recruiting.

Download Process PDF

Website Refined

Includes all website features listed above plus access to our exclusive web tools.


4 weeks

Media Refined

$7500 $5000 + Travel Expenses

Sixty percent of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the best ROI. Sixty-four percent of consumers make a purchase after watching story videos. Over 75% of users say they'll watch a video before reading a headline. These are statistics from 2018, when Google marketing experts accurately predicted a 75% bump in video advertising and consumption for 2019. We encourage all our friends to be part of the media bump in 2020!

  • Story Video
    If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a story video is the absolute best way to communicate who you are and what you're about!

    • Up to one minute of finished story video
    • One day of videography and audio work
      • Depending on narartive, might have an interview component
      • High-quality external audio recording and sound design
    • Music composition or licensing (possible license fee)

    • star Deliverables
      • 4K video file - for broadcast or presentation
      • Vimeo-hosted link - 1080p for web streaming
      • Install video strategically on your website
      • Music track license (if required)

  • Photography
    Give visitors a glimpse into the heart of your business through our custom photography services. These custom photos show a side of you that highly posed or stock images just can't capture.

    • High Quality Photos
      • Office
      • Employees
      • City/Town/Environment
      • Moments

    • Professional Headshots (by request)
      • If you need an updated headshot, don't hesitate to ask! We'd be glad to shoot them for free, in a not-so-cheesy way!


Download Process PDF

Media Refined

Includes photography, video and audio production.


4 weeks

Dedicated Hosting


Hosting is a required service for any website. This is an expense we forward to you.

    $240 / YEAR
  • Managed performance, security, & updates
  • Unhindered performance with your own server resources
  • Unlimited bandwidth & traffic
  • Expandable RAM & storage
  • SSDs, SSL, malware & virus protection
  • Backup schedule

Dedicated Hosting

Fast, robust, and secure hosting for your website.



Priority Support

We require all of our new clients to enroll in our Priority Support plan, which consists of regular maintenance, updates, optimizations, and speedy support, for at least three months.

This is primarily because we expect to provide more support than usual during the first few months of launching your website. Implementing new marketing strategies and learning new tools doesn't come without growing pains.

You also get access to our Agent Tools Beta (Video Quotes, Policy Compare, Agent Insights, and Recruiting Tools) when they start launching Summer 2020. You may continue this service for as long as you wish. We truly want to help and support you, so we hope you won't want to live without our support and our agent tools!

  • Priority Support
    • Chat with us immediately when you need something. We can handle most requests within 24 hours.
  • Regular Maintenance & Updates
    • A website, like any technology, needs regular maintenance. It's inevitable.
    • Each month, we allot support hours that you can use to update your website. Your request might be as simple as, "Change the phone number on the homepage," or perhaps something more complicated like, "Add a special lead form here and have it send responses to my assistant."
  • Optimization
    • SEO is a lengthy process of tweaking, testing, failing and succeeding. It's a game you'll play continuously over the next few years. We'll handle all of this for you.
  • Access to our private Facebook group (Fall 2020)
    • As long as you're enrolled in priority support, you'll be a member of our private Facebook group. We'll share valuable strategies, disclose value-added tips and tricks, and bring to your attention modern agency trends.
  • Early Access to our Agent Tools Beta
    • Monthly access to our exclusive agent tools: Video Quotes, Policy Compare, Agent Insights, and Recruiting Tools!

Priority Support

Includes regular maintenance, updates, optimizations, support, and access to agent tools beta.



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